The Success of the Contemporary Scene

We are in the best surf culture event of Brasilia, this is the eleventh edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre scene that provided the public Brasilia on 24 August to 5 September cultural immersion for 13 days with a lineup that included theatrical productions of Brasilia, Brazil and the world.

In addition to the theatrical event provided a meeting between directors of performing arts and music with the extensive lineup of Meeting Point, space available at the Museum of the Republic as the aim of exchanging experiences and fellowship.

This edition confirms the importance of Contemporary Scene in the setting of culture and Brasilia in Brazil. The event moves to the city and encourages those interested in theater to leave home and occupy several rooms, halls and rooms where the proposals, experiences, plays, performances and everything else that refers to several forms of expression that the arts possible. This year showed an embryo of a more open proposal that was generous enough to understand and receive the Republic Museum and alternative spaces that are independent productions of opera or concert halls for their achievement. This applies to the excellent performance of William Lopes that goes up and down the smooth skin of the building of the Ministry of Sports to warn the viewer that his life may be reduced to a drag dressed in suit and tie (or suit and high heels). The actor-acrobat-athlete goes down the wall supported by two steel cables while the audience watches the show lying on the sidewalk. He is wearing a suit, tie and briefcase. It seems smothered in his armor of bureaucrats. Think of suicide? It is likely, but the character finds a way out before the abyss. He goes tearing off her clothes, a suit sleeve, the other to the front to back, one pant leg, the other. Free housing, he will experiencing flights, jumps, twirls.

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