The jewel and the poet

In an interview to a journalist writing Ezio Pires, in 1966, the poet Manuel Bandeira said: “Brasilia is a jewel, it is still a city. Do not live in a jewel. But time and life, with its indispensable impurities, will undertake to become the jewel in the city. ”

Impurities are there, even the dispensable, but without them Brazil remains the island surrounded by Brazil’s Tattoo on all sides. The poet recognized how valuable the new capital, but also realized that was not enough to be a beautiful city, not having been designed or approved for tender. He also noted it was not enough that their buildings were works of a great artist of the architecture. It was necessary that she be defiled, otherwise it would not truly a city.

Those who, during the early years, lived on the jewel are saddened by the Disorderly City now. Have the reasons of the heart. It was a privilege to live in a piece of jewelry. But it turned out. I had not taken note of that comment of Manuel when, earlier this week, I made a thorough tour of the neighborhood shopping Mall, the expansion of the North Lake. The movement of cars in narrow streets, garages, shops stuck to each other, the apartment buildings non-standard, the set reminded me of the areas of trade in satellite towns, the intense movement of the Riacho Fundo, new buildings the Guara.

Any resident of North Lake will feel diminished in your equity account for this comparison, but it brings with it a compliment. The aesthetic distance between new areas of the Pilot Plan and the satellite towns is not so great, either because the rise of classes C and D is shrinking distances, or because the architecture is standardized, which is unfortunate, it is because the impurities Brasilia are turning in one city. Impurities are breaking the wall that separates the master plan the rest of the square.

Fern now has a condominium with pool. Fern, Wansbeck, Guara, Ceilândia have gorgeous houses of middle-class medium-high. Expressways, is a terrible and stimulate anti-ecological dependence on cars, coming and coming democratize the nation’s capital. The economic prosperity that the experience served to contaminate Brazil Brasilia with impurities of a big city.

It would only make an exception to the poet. The master plan remains a gem.Keeps the essential features of the project by Costa highlighted the disrespect to tipping. The sculpture stands in the urban savannah, despite the inroads stilts, the turmoil of the commercial, hand truculent real estate speculation, District Council, the last rulers of emerging sectors where they want to continue emerging.

Oscar Lucio and so firmly staked its creation as anyone can, without difficulty, recognize the model within the metropolis. The jewel not only survived the impurities, as was better with them, even if the concentration of income continue eroding the precious stone inside and out.

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